Jul 10, 2013

The Health Benefits of Your Hiking Vacations

For those of you for whom the idea of hiking during your vacations sounds a little bit unappealing, to say the least, you should know that putting a little bit of effort goes a long way for your health. Hiking vacations are the ideal choice for people who want to improve their overall fitness or lose weight while enjoying the amazing landscape along the hiking trail as a bonus. What most people do not know is that by being active during your holidays you can also positively impact your mental health.

Because we believe it is very important to raise awareness about the myriad of benefits that everyone can extract from a simple hiking in Romania, for example, today we will be discussing about how hiking improves the quality of our lives.



Physical Health Benefits

First of all, hiking falls in the category of sports that anyone can try and still enjoy all its benefits no matter the difficulty level. It is also one of the lowest impact sports around in the sense that your activity will be carried out with a minimum of stress, strain and pounding brought to your body.

Secondly, outdoor hiking is one of the best ways to exercise almost every part of your body, including your shoulders, neck, abdominals, hips and arms, ankles, knees, and legs.

A moderate hiking exercise of approximately 300 minutes during a normal hiking in Romania for example, can significantly reduce the risk of developing various health issues. Because hiking is a weight-bearing exercise by its very nature, your hypertension is one of the many other "silent killers" that can be neutralized. For instance, you will be surprised to know that hiking lowers blood pressure with 4 to 10 points, while regular hiking can help you regain a healthy body weight which will futher lower your blood pressure up to 20 points. Futhermore, you will lower the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke because hiking has the amazing effect of stabilizing your body's cholesterol levels.

Amongst other physical benefits you can add on your list the following: an improved cardio-respiratory fitness (lungs and heart), increased bone density or a slower density loss, lower risks of colon and breast cancer, improved muscular fitness, and a lower chance to develop type II diabetes.

Mental Health Benefits and Much More

There are also a number of mental health benefits that hiking is known for, including reducing the stress and anxiety levels, but also lowering the risk of suffering from depression or insomnia.

Imagine that if you choose to hike with a group of friends, you have the socializing factor and are bound to have a fun time. This will surely change your disposition from the get-go. Hiking alone can also be a very rewarding and relaxing experience because you can enjoy the scenery in silence, collect your thoughts or just have quality time with yourself.

Another positive side to hiking is that it strenghtens your volition and motivation. You are constantly receiving visual feedback on your progression and chances are that if the trail is exciting enough you won't stop until you reach your destination. It often happens that the feeling of accomplishment you get from such a venture will motivate you to do it again and again.

Exercise is an efficient stress reliever in any form you may practice it. For example, the tension you feel in your muscles after a long hard day of work or the feelings of anxiety might get from time to time are the result of adrenaline accumulating in your body. Hiking helps your body by releasing that adrenaline. Also, during hiking trips your body releases endorphins, also known as the hormones of happiness, lifting your spirits and very so often putting a smile on your face.

We really hope you this post convinced you to start hiking this summer!

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Oct 5, 2019

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