Nov 14, 2013

History, Architecture and Nature -The Marvels of Maramures

Northwestern Romania is one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. This land is full of quaint villages that will charm visitors with an atmosphere that will take them back centuries into the past. Of particular interest for visitors to the region will be the numerous wooden churches that feature in the villages. These churches are very beautiful, and they remind visitors of the beautiful churches that are found throughout Scandinavia.

Maramures is one of the most picturesque regions of Romania. It is one of the most ideal spots to go during holidays in Romania. Maramures is a gorgeous place that will charm visitors with its many wooden churches. These churches are arguably the finest that travelers will find during their Transilvania travel adventures.

In fact, the wooden churches in Maramures are actually world-famous. UNESCO has included the wooden churches of Maramures on its World Heritage List. This means that they are among some of the most important cultural sites in the world. This makes them a must-see for tourists when they are on a tour in Transilvania.

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As well as the beautiful wooden churches that visitors will enjoy seeing while on guided walking holidays in Maramures, there are also many other splendid things to see. The wooden gates found here are equally splendid, and visitors will definitely want to spend some time on their walking tours to inspect the beauty of these wooden gates up close.

There are also lots of lovely wooden homes to see in Maramures. The entire region is a marvelous place that features some of the most splendid wooden architecture found anywhere in the world. It is an amazing experience to go on a walking tour of Maramures. Everywhere you turn, you will see the charms of this place that will take your breath away. Walking through Maramures is like stepping into a time machine. The fantastic wooden construction use here is a reminder of simpler times when the world was a lovelier place.

Another great spot to visit in Maramures is the Jolly Cemetery. This is one of the most unique cemeteries in the world. It is famous for its colorful tombstones that help to give it a much more cheerful air than the typical cemetery.

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As great as all of the architecture and places in Maramures are, the people are even better. The people of Maramures are legendary for their friendliness and hospitality. They wear colorful wool outfits that are self made, and they are always ready with a smile and welcoming hospitality for visitors.

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A trip to Maramures is a great experience. You should consider stopping in this part of Romania on your next trip to Europe. You will be delighted in the charms of this beautiful place.

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