Feb 27, 2014

Top 5 Misconceptions About Romania

Ever thought about spending holidays in Romania, but wondered what there was to do and see? According to the World Tourism Organization, tourism in Romania has grown steadily since 2002. There are actually many interesting places to visit and quite a few misconceptions to dispel.

The capital isn't Budapest...
That's actually the capital of neighboring Hungary, and the confusion with the actual capital of Romania, which is Bucharest, is often humorous. Musical acts from Lenny Kravitz to Metallica have shouted, "Good Evening, Budapest!" to cheering crowds of Romanians. Huge groups of soccer fans have found themselves in Budapest with tickets to the National Arena in, you guessed it, Bucharest. So when you're planning your tours in Romania, make sure that your destination is Bucharest when you're purchasing your airplane tickets ;)

Beautiful Main Square in Sibiu-Romania - holidays-active

The architecture looks nothing like 1950s Soviet era buildings
Indeed the communism era in Romania influenced the architecture, but you will find many medieval constructions, especially in Transilvania. For example Brasov travel will bring visitors to a city with stone walls and seven bastions. There are ornate churches and a central square that is said to be the place where the Pied Piper led the children of Hamlin. It's also an easy day trip to the Medieval town of Sighisoara, Fagaras and Sinaia (where Peles Castle is).

Romania is actually quite westernized
Despite its recent history as a satellite country of the former Soviet Union, Romania is now a member of the EU and NATO. Travel in Romania has improved greatly in the last decade and there is generally free wifi in the urban areas, especially in Bucharest (with the fastest internet in probably the whole of Europe).

About that vampire rumor
Your holidays in Romania wouldn't be complete without Transilvania, and Transilvania travel wouldn't be complete without a visit to Bran Castle, which was home to a variety of people over the years. You probably heard of its most famous resident though: Vlad the Impaler. He was extremely ruthless, burned the city's suburbs and killed hundreds of Saxons. However, there's no evidence that he was a vampire or that any are lurking around. Dracula's creator, Bram Stoker never visited Romania, but he did base the description of Dracula's castle on illustrations available to him of Bran Castle. It's a beautiful area surrounded by mountains, plateaus and rivers.

Romanian is a romance language
Unlike most of the slavic languages in the area, Romanian has a great deal in common with romance languages such as French, Spanish and Italian. This interesting phenomenon has its roots back in the days of the Roman occupation. So if you are from France, Spain or Italy you will probably recognize some familiar words and expressions.

Traveling to Romania is a trip of a lifetime that will allow visitors to see beautiful buildings and churches that are inspired by people from all parts of Europe. There are also picturesque mountains, plateaus and rivers that are simply breathtaking. So don't believe all the misconceptions that people have of our beautiful country. Visit Romania first and then decide!

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