Watching Brown Bears in the Wild
a great wildlife experience
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Romanian Carpathians hosts ~60% of the Brown Bear population from Europe. We offer you the opportunity to see and admire the brown bears in their own habitat, from a specially designed observation hide deep in the Tranislvania forest.

there should be around 5.000 bears in the Carpathians forests.

see brown bears in the wild, in their own habitat, in the forests of Transilvania.

chances to spot deer, wildboar, wolves or linx

prices starting from 45Euro/person

The forest rangers will take you deep in the forest, on a gravel road, you will continue walking for a few hundred meters to th ehide where you will wait quietly for wildlife. There are high chances (statistically more then 80% chances) to spot the Carpathian Brown Bear, sometimes a female with cobs, sometimes a larger male bear, but you can also spot the wildboar, roe deer and red dear, wolves, linx and even some game birds.

Note: we cannot guarantee 100% that you will be able to see any of the wildlife listed above. Do not forget the that wildlife have their own way of living, and we, humans, try to approach them as much as possible in their natural habitat.


depending on the period of the year - actually on the sunset time - this tour starts at 4pm or 5pm.

you will be advised on the exact starting time and availability after you have booked the trip.

returning time is after 9pm.



to take part at the Brown Bear Watching programme, the participantsd should agree and sign the following statement:

I, the undersigned, hereby agree and confirm that I am attending the wildlife watching program of at my risk. I understand and agree that I am not entitled to any expenses, compensation, salary or remuneration of any nature whatsoever because I attended or not seen the wildlife and I understand that the responsibility for not following the the directions and the guidelines of the forest ranger / personel and guides will be my own.

Thank you for partipating at our wildlife programme.




Please use normal clothing - do not dress up with bright colors.

Do NOT use any parfume.

Do NOT bring any food with you.


Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints





Tour will include:
  • transfer from Brasov to the bear hide and back
  • access into the restricted wildilfe area;
  • services of a Forest Ranger to accompany you to the bear hide and back, also for your protection, the forest ranger will carry a gun for extreme situations;
  • photo tax - only for personal use;
Tour will NOT include:
  • photo tax - for professional use; available for extra price;
  • any meal
  • tips / gratuities

45 Euro /
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transylvanian brown bear transilvania travel 1
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