Rock climbing holiday, active days out
"Rock climbing holidays in Romania are perfect if you do not look for a relaxing holiday, active and adrenaline filled days is what you are searching for!
Join us for the rock climbing experience while you are on a tour in Transilvania.
You can be a complete beginner and we take you on easy rocky walls to get used with the equipment and learn the basic rock climbing skills; if you are an intermediate or advanced climber, we take you to face the challenging steep rock walls in Transilvania, travel every day to a different climbing spot and also visit the most important tourist sites while on holidays in Romania."
Rock climbing
Rock Climbing tour in Transilvania mountains
beginners, intermediate or experts

walking by a steep rock wall or through a deep canyon / gorge you sometimes have the feeling of experiencing the feeling of...

35 euro/
warm season One day trip

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Feb 27, 2014
Ever thought about spending holidays in Romania, but wondered what there was to do and see?
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